Terms of Use

1. General

General Terms and Conditions of the Diving Club Zaka Sub Bled (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions)
relate to the following diving activities (hereinafter referred to as ” Activities“):

  • diving education courses (hereinafter: Courses); and
  • diving trips and trips (hereafter: Trips and Trips),

organised by the Zaka Sub Bled Diving Club (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser).

Courses are open to all types of participants (hereafter: Participants), and trips and excursions are open to
only for members of the club PK Zaka Sub Bled (hereafter: Members).
The activities are for information purposes only and the Organiser makes no representations or warranties as to the results,
with the exception of the organisation of the Courses.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions and the Activities, you may contact
Organiser’s contact:

E-mail address: Divingbled@gmail.com (hereinafter: E-mail address)
pho. no. : +386 40 422 407 (hereafter: Telephone)

2. Basic concepts

Organiser is the Diving Club Zaka Sub Bled, Kidričeva cesta 10c, 4260 Bled, tax no. 95713069,
registration no. 4053397000, website: www.divingbled.com, whose representative fulfils all the
the conditions for carrying out the activities listed above.

Participant is a natural or legal person who participates in the Course.

Member is a natural person who joins the Zaka Sub Bled Diving Club (fill in the physical or online form at
the Organiser’s website) and pays an annual membership fee. Membership shall be terminated by non-payment of the membership fee.
The Member may participate in all Activities of the Organiser.

Activity means each of the activities of the Organiser set out above.

SSI – Scuba School International, under the programme of which the Organiser runs
Courses and which issues licences after successful completion of the Courses.

3. Organization of activities

Adults can register for all Activities, minors must be accompanied by their parents or

Registration for all Activities is done via email.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the Activity without giving reasons, this also applies in the event that
the Participant / Member has already transferred money. In this case, the Organizer will return the money.

3.1 Courses

The courses are held according to the SSI program, which issues valid international licenses, upon completion of all requirements
prescribed standards of the school under which the program is implemented. The organizer undertakes to take into account and
followed all standards dictated by SSI.

Participants voluntarily provide their personal data for the Organizer’s records. Personal
data from the email address and personal data for the personal card are for internal use
of Organizer.

The following is submitted to the SSI electronic database:

  • name and surname,
  • birth details,
  • address,
  • E-mail,
  • Phone Number.

The data is intended for the production of an international diving card in physical and electronic form.

Registration for the Courses can also be done via SMS message to the Organizer.

Payment of the Course is made on the basis of an electronic notification stating the terms of payment, which
The Organizer sends to all registered Participants.

The Participant can withdraw from the Course 14 days before the start date of the Course, or before receiving SSI on‐
line material. In case of later cancellation, the Organizer will charge the Participant for the Course in full.

3.2 Excursions and travel

Only Members can register for Excursions And Travels.

Registration for Excursions and Travels is done via e-mail.

Payment (in part and in full) is made on the basis of an electronic notification stating the payment terms, which
is sent by the Organizer to all registered Members.

Cancellation of Trips and Travels The Organizer takes into account everything up to the date of payment (in part or in full).

Cancellation can be made verbally, in writing to the Organizer’s phone with an SMS message or email address.

In case of later cancellation, the Organizer charges the Member full payment.

4. Conclusion

The general conditions constitute a contract between the Organizer and the Participant / Member.

The general terms and conditions are published on the Organizer’s website, as well as any changes that
Organizer does.

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